Annual Meeting and Spring Forum 2023

May 23, 2023

Annual General Meeting and Forum, Toronto,  May 15-17, 2023.
This year’s spring Annual General Meeting and Forum was attended by our District 06 Corporate Members Trudie Johnson and Judy Arai.  Deanna Jackson kindly agreed to attend as our Alternate.
Monday evening’s Silent Auction was a new event this year.  Funds raised will go to the RTOERO Foundation.  Prior to Monday evening there was an online auction that all members of RTOERO were eligible to participate in.
Tuesday’s General Meeting was dedicated to business.  New this year was the addition of a parliamentarian to chair the meeting.  Having a parliamentarian made the meeting more structured with clearer processes for addressing issues arising.  The addition of a parliamentarian was a positive addition.
Three RTOERO Board Directors were elected and one member was elected to the Governance and Nomination Committee. Motions were brought forward, debated and voted on.  “Focus on the Future” Annual Report 2022 was received.  Financial reports were received.  Auditors were appointed.  The agenda business was not completed and will carry over to the fall meeting.
Tuesday evening, past and present leaders of RTOERO were recognized.  Farewells were made to departing Board Directors.  Johnson Insurance presented the RTOERO foundation with a donation.  RTOERO staff service-milestones were recognized.
Wednesday’s Forum Meeting began with a keynote address by Dr. Leeno Karumanchery.  His topic:  “The Power of Civility:  How simple everyday interactions can drive inclusion.”  His dynamic presence gave many in the audience pause to think more about inclusion.
A brief introduction was made about the name change of our Health Insurance/Benefits plan. Going forward it will be called Entente.  Existing health  insurance/benefits cards will continue to be honoured for the time being.

Meeting adjourned 12:30pm

Respectfully shared,
J. Arai