District 6 Parry Sound was formed in 2007. It serves the Parry Sound area and is divided into Unit 1 East and Unit 2 West. As this area is cottage country, many members have retired here from other communities, bringing a wealth of backgrounds.


Members and growing

District 06 Parry Sound President

Judith Arai

District 06 Parry Sound Executive

Name Role Email
Judith Arai President
Bill O'Hallarn Unit President
Trudie Johnson Unit President
Trudie Johnson Unit Vice-President
Bill O'Hallarn Unit Secretary
Trudie Johnson Treasurer
Leslie Kovacs Unit Treasurer
John Furner Member Services Coordinator
John Furner Unit Member Services Coordinator
Elva Taggart Goodwill Rep
Elva Taggart Unit Goodwill Rep
Deanna Jackson Unit Goodwill Rep
Philip Van Diepen Health Benefits Representative
Garfield Robertson Unit Health Benefits Representative
Nora-Lynn Alexander PAC Rep
Bill Atkinson Unit PAC Rep
Stephen Todoroff Unit PAC Rep
Nora-Lynn Alexander Unit PAC Rep
Trudie Johnson Corporate Member 1
Judith Arai Corporate Member 2
Bill O'Hallarn RPW Organizer
Trudie Johnson RPW Organizer

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