How to get the most out of your retirement health insurance plan

Jul 19, 2023

How to get the most out of your retirement health insurance plan

Now that you’ve selected RTOERO health insurance for your retirement insurance plan, we want to ensure you make the most of it! Here are some tips:

1. Set up direct deposit

You can choose to have claim payments deposited into your bank account. To set up direct deposit, submit a VOID cheque to our insurance service administrator. Contact the service administrator at 1-877-406-9007 or [email protected] for more information. Use the same bank account for direct deposit as you use for premium deduction. If you don’t choose direct deposit for your claim payments, you’ll receive a claim payment cheque by mail.

2. Set up your account for online claims

Pharmacies and some practitioners will submit your claims on your behalf. For those that don’t, you have the option to submit by mail or to submit online. Online submission is easy and convenient. Your first step is to set up your online claims account. Complete the ‘New to this’ section on the online claims login page. Once registered, bookmark the online claims login page or find it anytime on the ‘Claims’ page in the ‘Insurance’ section of the RTOERO website.

3. Submit claims right away and file your receipts

Develop a habit of submitting claims right away so you don’t forget. Claims must be submitted no later than the end of the calendar year following the year in which the expenses were incurred.

4. Explore your retirement health coverage

Health insurance can help you stay healthy. It provides peace of mind that your health needs will be taken care of and gives you access to services to help you maintain and optimize your health and well-being. Familiarize yourself with what’s covered so you can decide how to use your insurance to best support your health needs.

5. Call the claims team before major aids and appliances purchases

Your plan covers a large variety of aids and appliances, including wigs, hearing aids, CPAP units, orthotics and more. We suggest contacting the claims team before your purchase to review the eligibility and maximums and help you get the best value. Reach the claims team at 416-920-7248 or 1-877-406-9007 or [email protected].

6. Carry your RTOERO benefits card with you

You’ll need your benefits card at pharmacies and especially when travelling. It’s a good idea to keep it in your wallet at all times, so you have our contact information close at hand.

7. Make sure you have proof of travel dates

You don’t need to let us know when you’re travelling, but you must ensure you have proof of your departure and return dates. That could be plane tickets and boarding passes, passport stamp, transaction receipts like gas, hotel or purchase that show travel leaving and returning to your province of residence.